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Swan Song

“Hate, if you want to hateIf it keeps you safeIf it makes you brave Pray, if you want to prayIf you like to kneelIf you like to lay” “My Wave” Soundgarden You know every fucking band he was in was the “Chris Cornell Band”, right? “You know I’m headed for the bottom, I’m riding you … Continue reading Swan Song

Such a Lovely Sentiment

“So I got edges that scratchAnd sometimes I don’t got a filterBut I’m so tired of eatin’All of my misspoken wordsI know my disposition gets confusingMy disproportionate reactions fuse with my eager stateThat’s why you wanna come out and play with me, yeah” “Beggin’ for Thread” BANKS How many of my stories this year have … Continue reading Such a Lovely Sentiment

Opposites Attract

I want everythingI want nothingI want to liveI want to dieI want to laughI want to cryI want heavenI want hellI want silenceI want to yell I want passion to quell desire…My soul is iceMy mind is fire