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Tainted Love

“Don’t touch me, pleaseI cannot stand the way you teaseI love you though you hurt me soNow I’m gonna pack my things and go” “Tainted Love” Soft Cell, I prefer Marilyn Manson Done gone and fucked up again! It’s still happening. I swore off meeting people online and what did I do last night? Oh … Continue reading Tainted Love


small town folkherded by television policeinto electrified corralsartificial fright and fantasyflights of fancybig brother isn’t watching youyou are watching himwatching him think for youlive for you, die for yousubliminally preaching the tenetsof consumerist philosophyand intolerancebroadcasting negatively charged transmissionsdisrupting the particle-wave relationshipbetween mind and soulflip-particle-mindflip-wave-soula positronic symphonyof electro-chemical existencesand symbiotic sufferings

Chilled Beats

“So why dispute me and waste my time?Because you really think the price is high for meI can’t look without being watched, no!You rang my buy before I made up my mindOww!” “Free Your Mind” En Vogue I started to write this post Friday/Saturday around 4am. It was going to be a huge rant about … Continue reading Chilled Beats

Farewell to Arms

I was looking for you while I went for coffee this morningSearching every faceAgain the wrong placeI imagine you would be happy to knowI am back in the flowThe right place at the right timeAfter all these years writing senseless rhymesGetting back home and starting to cryI realize you were the reason I wanted to … Continue reading Farewell to Arms