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Welcome to my blog filled with bits and pieces of my life.

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early in the a.m.these tunes were staticon my AMbattery operated convertermodulated transmissionsdiverting my attentionsending me back in timemessages from an earlier epochhere to overwhelmwith memorieslocked inside an electromagnetic realmbefore the termclassic rock was coinedhearing these lyricsunchained melodiesa little bit of history repeatingour thoughts enjoinedreleasing restraintsinside my mindwe got nothingbut timeprecious timewho is that?you meanwhen is … Continue reading Oscillation

Magical Mystery Tour

There is a chance you may never read me; or maybe, you may be an “alternate universe you” following an “alternate universe me.” You see… In 1998, I almost fled the country. No, I was not an escapee on the run from the authorities. I was planning a bicycle tour around Europe; or at least … Continue reading Magical Mystery Tour

Home Remedy

a factual technicalitycontractual realityconceptually inaccurateremembering whenagain and againsays she likes her menfashionably passionate wait a minute, there is a catchbefore I strike a match immolation reflects off her eyesnot passing through the lensesresurrection between her thighsdriving her out of her senses ready to please words obeyedbut never spoken genuflecting with ease a promise not madeis … Continue reading Home Remedy