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Explicit Lyrics

Sunday I was on the formal dating site for about an hour today for the first time since last summer. I read a few profiles and replied to three. I got one answer. She lives about ten minutes away. I told her my pictures were out of date and I haven’t shaved since Halloween. She … Continue reading Explicit Lyrics


I’m dating myself. Does anyone remember Bartles and Jaymes “wine coolers?” I think it was the first time alcohol companies started aggressively marketing to young women. My first job back in the day was at a grocery store chain. I worked in the meat department. No, I wasn’t a 16 year old butcher. I was … Continue reading Accountability


Monday No. It did not snow this weekend. Thank god! It has actually been unseasonably warm. Senator Inhofe would be hard pressed to find a snowball to make fun of global warming today. My temperature has been going up as well. The good news is I think I’ve figured out what has caused all my … Continue reading Flurries


Sunday I texted my mom yesterday and told her nothing was going to happen. She said okay and put the television on mute and made breakfast. They immediately called the election! She is a political junkie and a die hard Democrat. She missed the whole thing; She was waiting 5 days! I was surprised as … Continue reading Electability