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Night Terrors

MIdnight fears of adolescent death dreams, when you’re alone noone can hear you screamPound your head against the wallPound your head against the wallHow many days until you fall, never to rise again?I don’t careYes you do, that was all an actRemember when you used to fly?Yes, it was all that kept me from dyingThat … Continue reading Night Terrors

Kenny Who?

“We’ve got tonightWho needs tomorrow?We’ve got tonight, babeWhy don’t you stay? “We’ve got tonight” Kenny Rogers and Sheana Easton Done gone and fucked up again! I’m telling you, when that dude was fucking with me yesterday, other people in the meeting were telling me to join Bumble. I wasn’t looking for dating advice. I told … Continue reading Kenny Who?

Religious Fervor

Trying to stay hidden awayA strange woman tells me to prayHow do they find me?I try to be kind butWhat do I doWhen they want to takeWhat I can’t give?She doesn’t want to liveYet she continues wanderingAsking for help that’s not comingTelling me she’s going to hell andI am too.She disobeyed the word of godWhat … Continue reading Religious Fervor