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A Brief Stint

Saturday I did something bad my one night back on a dating site. Something I never do. I lied about what I do for work. Not to everyone. Just 3 women in particular. Some background. I don’t send messages to just anyone. I have to pick my spots. I have to guess who might be … Continue reading A Brief Stint


“Calypso” by David Sedaris is the latest book I’ve read in text format. I’ve just recently been able to concentrate on reading again so I am lucky it came in at under 300 pages. Sedaris is one of my favorite authors because he is funny and I have kind of grown up with him, reading … Continue reading Calypso

Dark as Knight

I’m traveling through time right now. I wrote this a month ago and scheduled it to post now. (It really is 3am though) I recently started blogging and I haven’t posted much. I’m not sure which direction my blog is going to go. I wanted a chance to let this sit on my brain before … Continue reading Dark as Knight