Breaking Quarantine

I went to my daughter’s (14) yesterday! It was the first real time I’ve spent with her in 3 months due to my state’s stay at home order. She has put the break to good use. She has gotten a lot better at playing bass guitar which she started recently. She was popping out some bumping bass lines for me. She is a hipster so she learned a couple songs by Sublime and Green Day because she is into ’90’s music and she learned some songs by lesser known artists of today. One band I said I never heard of and she said, I know, nobody has. I guess that’s the point of being a hipster. She also increased her collection of Doc Marten boots to 8 pairs which she buys with her Christmas and birthday money. Still, it is like $1600 worth of shoes. Unbelievable!

This is a picture of one of the more recent pair of boots she purchased. She likes the platform soles. The first day she wore them they gave her huge blisters but she was determined and kept wearing them. Now she says they are broken in and comfortable. I don’t really care what she spends her money on as long as it makes her happy. The next item she wants is a new Fender Jazz bass. They go for about $700. Her birthday is coming up this month and it looks like I am pitching in with her mom to buy it. I hope she continues to play because she is picking it up pretty quickly and is good at it. Also I have been playing guitar since I was her age so I have an interest in the same type of music.

It was good to get out of the house for an extended period of time. The depression I had in the winter has lifted so I can do more than just force myself to go to the grocery store when I run out of food. The store is no fun with all the people wearing masks due to the Covid scare. It was really the only place I could go during the shutdown. It only helped to serve my depressive isolation tactics where I shut out people and don’t leave the house anyway.

Were any of you separated from family during the shutdown? I know a lot of people couldn’t visit their relatives in nursing homes. I feel especially bad for people who passed away with no family with them.

My daughter had a hard time with school being online. She doesn’t want to talk about it but her mom told me she was really stressing about it. She needs some of the in person connection with her teachers. I hope they can open the schools back up for the next year. I don’t know how other kids are dealing with it. I just told her not to worry about it so much and enjoy her time off during the summer. She is a happy kid and that is what matters.

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