Sorry about this one: My cat and I


This is my cat. He came with the name Oliver, after the orphan, Oliver Twist. My ex-wife (who found him for me) and I were going to change his name to Adolph because of his mustache. But my daughter (8 at the time) was having none of it. I asked for a male cat, (because they are friendlier) about a year old, with short hair. My ex-wife (Nicole) found exactly that. I chose this picture because it shows the seemingly uncomfortable positions he will take to relax. After the photo he immediately fell asleep for 2 hours without moving a muscle. It made me jealous.

I got him about 6 years ago. He was about a year old at the time. My daughter was spending the weekends with me and she originally wanted me to get a dog. Specifically a Boston Terrier. They are my favorite dogs since a long time ago when I was married. We always had 2. Nicole still does but not the same dogs. Nicole was the one who talked me into getting a cat. She reminded me that dogs need more care and are more expensive to keep than cats. After watch all the dog people in the freezing winters standing outside waiting for their dogs to shit, I was glad I went with the cat.

The term “Emotional support animal” was not very popular when I got him. But I guess that is what he has become. When I am full of anxiety or depression, watching him chill out and sleep where ever he happened to fall over helps to relax me. At first he was wary of me, always watching me from my bedroom door. Now he is completely up my ass, following me around and I can’t keep him out of my bed. That also mellows me out.

Another reason I got a cat is I live on the 3rd floor of a large apartment building. It wouldn’t be fair to have a dog with no place to exercise it regularly. So if you live in an apartment with no yard, I would recommend a cat. I would also strongly suggest a male. They are much friendlier than females and once they are neutered they mellow out and just want to be fat and lazy. Female cats can also ruin your place by spraying their scent all over.

Oliver is very low maintenance. Which is good for me when I get so depressed I have a hard time keeping up chores. All I have to do fill his food and water dishes once a day and then the unseemly cleaning of the litter box. But Arm & Hammer makes some good clumping litters you just scoop out and it really controls the odor.

I am a dog person with a cat. I would definitely go with a Boston Terrier. They are well behaved and pretty much take care of themselves. I also like Black Labradors. They are big, dumb and lovable. But they need a ton of running time or they will destroy your house with all their excess energy.

Before I got Ollie I would have scoffed at the idea of an Emotional support animal. But that is what I have now. I’m good with it. Plus with him being an indoor cat I could have another 10 or more years with him. If any of us live that long.

I think that is enough. Thanks for indulging me.

5 thoughts on “Sorry about this one: My cat and I

  1. It’s funny the positions that animals will decide they like. One of my guinea pigs likes to sleep with her feet tucked into her in a very awkward-looking position, but what do I know?!


    1. Yes, I’ve seen a pic of your guinea pig looking very comfy in a basket. Ollie had to wear an inflatable protective collar and he would sleep in seemingly impossible positions. I think he liked it because it was similar to the neck pillows some people use.

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