“Calypso” by David Sedaris is the latest book I’ve read in text format. I’ve just recently been able to concentrate on reading again so I am lucky it came in at under 300 pages. Sedaris is one of my favorite authors because he is funny and I have kind of grown up with him, reading his books over the last 20 years. He is the only writer I remember who has made me laugh so much I had to put the book down to recover.

When he was just a young gay man with severe symptoms of OCD he was considered extremely odd. Now that he is a successful writer he is just seen as “eccentric”. What makes him such a good writer is he is very observant and is an incessant journal writer. He writes what he knows, which is his own life experiences and spending time with his large family who are also a group of very funny people.

I have a trigger warning. He goes into detail about the circumstances of his sister’s suicide, so if you think you would be bothered by that I would stay away from this book. The funny thing about this sister is the family doesn’t get along with her because she is bipolar and not very nice to them but she doesn’t like her family because she thinks they are all “crazy.” In all his previous books he only wrote one chapter about her and it is one of the funniest.

If you think he sounds interesting I would recommend reading his books in the order they were written as it is just one long journal of his life. You can skip the Squirrel seeks Chipmunk one, it is out of character for him and I didn’t think it made much sense.

I only have one more book to read by him but I have to wait for it to become available for free. I found “Calypso” on Libby, by Overdrive. This is a completely free app that works with your library card.

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