I texted my mom yesterday and told her nothing was going to happen. She said okay and put the television on mute and made breakfast. They immediately called the election! She is a political junkie and a die hard Democrat. She missed the whole thing; She was waiting 5 days!

I was surprised as hell. The released the smallest traunch of results they had all week and called it directly after. They had just explained why it was taking so long because they had to count so many more votes to be sure.

I’m glad and hopeful for the Senate. There are two run-offs for Senate in Georgia in January. That will decide control. Without control of the Senate, Biden is impotent and will be blamed for the recession and lose the next election. Maybe.

I’m glad my state went very blue. Good thing my friends and I all voted 1,000 time each. 😉


Uber threw in a little twist yesterday. I don’t know it it will apply to all the drivers. When I got hooked up with a ride the app gave me the driver’s info and a little blurb that said, “Gina is known for great conversation.” I told everyone I was worried I would have to talk to the driver the whole way home. We laughed and said I should cancel. About two minutes into the ride I found out “great conversation” was code for “Gina won’t shut the fuck up.” I didn’t get much talking in but I did a lot of listening. I didn’t mind, it was an entertaining ride home.

A lot of things made more sense when I looked at from the perspective of my brother studying me for years. He has me so fucked up sometimes I delete emails before I reply to them or something I need to take action. I try to be very careful when I delete. I’ve lived alone for years and I’m still afraid.


I’ve been scared all week. Scared of everything. I think a lot of it is from the president and the millions of people who believe what he says.

I read another person counting the days since their last drink. Some people count 10 years in days. It seems a bit obsessive. I count in months now and hopefully I’ll still be counting when it’s a year. It would be nice if it was like when I quit smoking. I don’t remember what year it was but it was a long time ago. I just remember it by where I lived at the time and know roughly how long it’s been.

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