Heart colored pencils

First off, I’ve never messed with a married woman. I was cheated on badly by someone I thought we were both in true love. I have talked to married women to see what they were thinking but that’s it. Last night a married woman contacted me even though I gave no hint I was looking for a married woman. The second reason I won’t fool around with a married woman is they want way more from a man than a single woman wants. She didn’t tell me she was married until a few text messages in. I think that is something you would make clear right away. But sure enough, she started telling me what she was looking for. “I want butterflies, I want to feel weak in the knees, a real connection, I want, can’t wait to hear from him, etc…” Verbatim from other married women I’ve talked to online. They are looking to relive the time when they first met their husband 25 years ago.

I told her I didn’t think I was the man she was looking for but she must have ignored it. We only texted for a couple hours last night but she already sounded like she was getting attached to me. She’s telling me what a nice guy I am for not wanting to get involved in someone’s marriage and then she is trying to talk me into getting involved in her marriage.

Last night she told me to sleep on it and if I like the idea text her today. That sounded easy. I woke up this morning and didn’t text her. Game over, right? Oh no… She texted me in the afternoon just to ask if I was having a nice day. Then again to ask if I thought about it. I waited a couple hours because I thought if I didn’t text her first that meant I wasn’t interested. She texted me again so I decided to start fucking with her. I made up a half fact/half fiction backstory with a fake job and fake schedule and went with it. She is ready to start cheating on her husband after just a couple hours of texting. She has no idea who I am. She’s got it all planned out; when we will meet, where we will meet, how often we would meet. If I was a scumbag I would have it made in the shade.

From what I’ve seen online, married people want to cheat with other married people. Because of what I call mutually assured destruction. The implication that if you ruin my marriage I will ruin yours, so watch out!

I was wondering when I would tell her I chickened out but I guess I don’t have to do that now. She asked me if I live in Manchester and I said no, on the Seacoast. She didn’t text back. Maybe she had me confused with some other guy because I wasn’t hiding where I live. She said she contacted more than just me.

That’s funny. After we “discovered” our schedules lined up and it would be workable, she said, “… maybe it was meant to be, lol” Maybe it wasn’t meant to be, lol!

I wouldn’t have fucked with her but I told her I wasn’t the guy directly after she told me she was married and what she wanted. She was ready to fuck up her marriage and family life over a few text messages with a guy who could manage not sounding like a pig for 2 hours. No wonder all these horny married men prey on lonely housewives. I can see why Ashley Madison is such big business!

Update: She texted back she lives 2 hours away but said that would not be too far to travel for the right man! She sent me pictures. She doesn’t look like she would have any trouble finding a man who lives closer to her. Is she trying to catfish me? Why wouldn’t she catfish another “lonely” married man? I’m single. I don’t care. I’m done talking to her.

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