Book Review?

When I started this blog thing I was excited because I was able to concentrate long enough to read and write again. That is why I started doing a book review every week or two. I haven’t done one in a long time because I am back to only being able to concentrate on reading or listening to a couple paragraphs at a time. It frustrates me because my whole life I was able to read books from cover to cover in no time. Now I get angry at the narrator for using too many examples to prove a point or if reading I keep going back to read again because I am so spaced out and my mind is flying.

I don’t know why I wanted to do it. I don’t think I have convinced anyone to read a book with my layman’s interpretation. I like boiling down the plot and sharing the points I find most interesting. I was also getting lucky with the books I picked. My method is almost random. I scan through titles until something catches my eye and then I will read the blurb on the inside cover if it is a real book or the description of a digital one. Admittedly it is not the best way to commit to reading for 8 hours. Who would have thought a book called, “Think Like A Freak” would actually be a self help book designed to make you more productive at work? I had no idea. I don’t pay much attention to “Bestseller Lists” because I know it is usually the publishing company buying all the first copies which make it a bestseller.

I have gotten pretty lucky picking books at random but recently I hit a lot of self help make you more productive at work books. Why would you want to learn how to make your boss more money? That may be why I have been losing interest so quickly. I also found newer books by some of my favorite (obviously still living) authors. I have a hard time because I am now interested in non-fiction books but that is where the self-help books are gathered. I also don’t like straight up biographies of long dead people. I do like auto biographies of people I know. My favorite still is David Sedaris books which are just edited versions of his daily journals and I find him very interesting.

I put my digital library books on hold for 7 days to give me a break and maybe I will be able to concentrate enough to remember what to write about. I miss reading all the time like I used to do. I spent most of my life reading fiction. Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, then suddenly I lost interest and started reading non-fiction, mostly sciences. Subjects I have always been interested in but never sought out.

That’s the end of this fantastic book review. My recommendation is to read whatever you like. You obviously like to read if you are following blogs on here.

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