Sabbath Bloody Sabbath!


12/26/20: I follow a Qanon guy who pretends he discovered all of the conspiracies himself. He says he does his “research.” He’s always putting 2 and 2 together and expecting people to come up with 5. Before he got on a plane to fly to Texas and back he said, “The media can’t stop Christmas!” I wasn’t aware the media was trying to stop Christmas. Everything I saw on television since Thanksgiving was advertisements to buy gifts or some Christmas themed show. The president ruined my Christmas by slowing down the post office in a failed attempt to sway the election. I was a good little consumer and ordered presents for my daughter a month early. None of them arrived yet. I have always been a big fan of the USPS. For 50 cents I could send important paperwork 3,000 miles across the country and it would arrive in 2 days. So why is it taking months now? What changed?

“Media stopping Christmas guy” also blogged about how masks are MORE likely to make you sick. Thanks. I don’t get to see any other living humans, especially family for the holidays. Last spring I did everything asked of me. I stayed home when I could. I wore a mask everywhere I went. For 3 months! So why is it worse now?

One of the companies I ordered from used a private shipping firm. The package got stuck in Pennsylvania (a battleground election state) for a week before I got notice it was sent out last Saturday. It was sent out but it’s been 7 days and it hasn’t been seen since. Pennsylvania is only one day drive in a truck.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet, the USPS already knows how to deliver to you. No other company wants to do that, no other company can do that. So why was the post office kneecapped?

Last year I got a text on Christmas, said, it’s Lisa, how are you? I’m like, ??? Lisa? That was a very popular name 35- 45 years ago??? Good thanks. How have you been? She said, Horrible. Who text someone you don’t know on Christmas to say life sucks? I figured out which Lisa it was. She told me talking to another person while you are in a relationship is like emotional cheating. I remember I asked her if you weren’t supposed to talk to friends you had before you got into the relationship? Christmas last year, her boyfriend half dumped her. He said he didn’t want to be a couple but he still wanted to do “what couples do”. She went with it. I guess I came in as the guy she wanted to do the “dating” part of being a couple and go home and have sex with him? The person she is/isn’t in a relationship with? Is that emotional cheating? I remember her as one of the Lisas in my contacts. But I took her out. How long do you leave a name in there if you barely even texted before?

Maybe that broad bailed when she saw my apartment looked like a schizophrenic lives here? I can put something down and it won’t ever move again! I don’t mean I’m a hoarder but there is a lot of shit just sitting around. Wow! I should send out pictures of my apartment! Now that I look around that does seem plausible.


It’s Sunday morning and I have almost made it through another holiday weekend. Congratulations, me! Congratulations to my beard too. I was going to get rid of it but it’s growing on me. lol My beard, it’s growing on me.

I tried to get a selfie of my cat sleeping with me this morning. But only my big fat head or his big fat catness would fit in the camera lens. I chose his big fat cat ass to send out to my mom and daughter.

My daughter’s half brother tested negative for Covid! They got the results yesterday so that was a nice gift. I will probably get to visit later this week. Her boyfriend is going to be there tomorrow. I was surprised she told me herself. It is the first time she has acknowledged his existence to me in the past 6 or more months. I met him once back when they were both in middle school. We were all riding together to a talent show at the high school. They were just friends back then. The only thing I remember about him was thinking that he seemed like a genuinely good person. Not that I had a clue he would be hanging out with my daughter in high school but if I did know I would have approved. I already knew she had a good judge of character. I wonder if that is genetic? Both her mom and I are that way.

It’s only Sunday morning and I’m not sure how I feel. My first sip of coffee tasted good without mishaps. I did have a screaming match with my keyboard over a typo. I think I won but maybe not. I just had a typo typing the word typo. (say that 5 times fast)

3 thoughts on “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath!

  1. It’s a good thing that stupidity isn’t (or at least not quite) as contagious as COVID. Who knows, maybe the stigma around psychiatric crazy will fade away as a distant memory as all these non-psychiatric nut jobs are busy waving their crazy around for all to see.


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