My resolution was to stop writing here! It looks like I could only make it two days. I actually only wanted to keep everyone in suspense. All my writing about saying, fuck it and getting drunk on the holiday must have had some wondering. The main thing that stopped me was the thought of a hangover. The older I get the more hungover I get and I didn’t want that. I would have to be very committed.

I would have had an uneventful night except for seeing the Time Square celebration in NY. There was no crowd! The few people there had masks and were 6 feet apart sitting in little cubicles. Imagine going there and they make you sit there dressed in their Planet Fitness attire a mile away from the action? And then they have you outnumbered by matching, inflatable crazy arm waving Planet Fitness people. It was so funny I had to text everyone about it. Texting jokes about what was on television made up the majority of my New Year night.

I never thought Times Square would be a fun place to be on NYE anyway but this time it looked worse. I always thought I would hate being crammed in with the crowds. Now I think I would hate being outnumbered by performers and cameras and still not being able to see any of the action. I hope those spectators were paid instead of paying!

The mask rules seemed arbitrary like they do everywhere else on television events. If you were in the band you had to wear a mask. Unless you were a singer, then no mask as you forcefully aspirated over the microphone? We got a good laugh at Seacrest’s lack of hair and makeup. It must be by choice because everyone else looked pretty good. And what was with the interviews? He had to wear a mask? He didn’t have to wear a mask? Some other guy had a huge microphone covered in fur on a 6 foot stick shoved in the interveiwee’s face. Like, where are you from? Ima fmufflemmufflemuffel! Oh! Fantastic!

I did want to get drunk, purely out of spite. I was so pissed off heading into the holiday. Professionals I trusted and I was completely open and honest with have been lying to me and playing dumb for the past 5 years! They don’t care about helping me. Their main concern is I keep taking their meds for the rest of my life. My new resolution is to keep pushing the “I’m cured” theory and ask them to debunk it. Why am I taking these medications for years if they aren’t making me better?

Okay, I broke another promise. I did write Wednesday and schedule for tomorrow. But, technically that was written last year and you have no idea when I wrote this. I may have scheduled a full year of posts and keep my promise not to write on here at all! What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Initializing

  1. It boggles my mind now how willing I was to put up with hangovers 20 years ago. I don’t pay much attention to anything Ryan Seacrest does, but I just too a look-see on Google, and dude is getting old! And sure, we all do, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen a picture of him.

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  2. I agree with your points about the masks. There are so many inconsistencies which is really frustrating. I am sorry the professionals you have interacted with have not been helpful. I hope you are able to get the guidance you need sooner rather than later


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