1/19/21: I rode with my daughter yesterday while she was learning to drive. I didn’t have to use my imaginary brake pedal as much as I thought I would. She drives okay she is just overly cautious. She needs some more time behind the wheel to gain more confidence. Her car is not inspected so she has to learn to drive in her mom’s large SUV. If she can drive that she can drive anything. She hasn’t been on a highway yet. The back roads around here are challenging. Lots of twists and turns and still some traffic around. She had to deal with her first asshole driving the opposite direction, in her lane coming directly for us. She stayed calm. Her mother and I yelled at him! I told her, by the time she gets her license in June she will be great at driving. It is weird here. You can drive with any adult when you are 15 years and 6 months but you can’t attend driving school until you are 15 years and 9 months. Don’t you think they would want you driving with a professional first? She will be fine. 6 months ago she was scared and said she didn’t want to learn to drive. Now she is very excited and wants to be driving any chance she gets.


DJT is no longer immune to prosecution! Before he had any political aspirations everyone I knew thought of him as a joke. I knew he was a scam artist. He got rich by borrowing money for projects, promising to pay people for their work and then refusing to pay his bills. When his creditors came after him he declared bankruptcy and kept the money. He did that 4 times for billions of dollars. When you are rich they let you do that. When he said he would run the country like one of his businesses, everyone laughed. How did he get so many people willing to kill or give their lives for him and believe him like the word of god?

When my mom couldn’t afford to pay for our house she declared bankruptcy and wasn’t allowed to do anything for seven years. She was lucky just to find someone willing to rent an apartment to us. She had to buy piece of shit cars for cash because no bank would give her a loan. Her credit is still in shambles and it’s been 30 years.


I found part of a chicken leg bone on the floor this morning. That means my cat was eating it. I don’t know how he got it. The trash was still on top of the refrigerator. I thought he was fine because he ate some dry food now but he just barfed it back up. I don’t need my cat dying on me right now. Sorry. I had something else to write but it happened when I opened the app. Now I forget.

(the cat is fine now) My mom got all emotional and crying yesterday about the inauguration. I don’t get that heavily invested in a president. I missed everything but the end. I wasn’t home.


The past six years successively have been the six hottest years ever recorded worldwide.

I finally got Christmas right! My daughter got the Stone Temple Pilots album “Purple” in the mail after I don’t know how long I was waiting. It had been so long she almost bought it for herself in the record store the other day. She didn’t know I bought it. I tricked her into telling me she wanted it. She was so happy!


I just wanted her to have a surprise gift that she liked.

2 thoughts on “Automatic

  1. That’s great that she was happy with Purple!

    My dad pretty quickly wore a hole in the flower with his imaginary brake pedal usage when I started driving. It’s a good thing there wasn’t any delay in being able to start driving school.

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