It’s the Plumber, I’ve Come to Fix the Sink

I woke up way too early this morning. I guess that is to be expected since I’ve been trying to sleep for the past 12 hours. I can do something like sleep but I am still aware of the 24/7 music I hear in my head and the ringing in my ears from tinnitus. It gets worse when I’m lying down. The other day I had two songs in my head at the same time. Beck and Guns ‘N’ Roses. “Milk and honey… You can make my money tonight”.

My bathroom sink backed up Sunday and it is causing me much distress. First, clear water was draining slowly and I thought it would be no problem. I have a small plunger made for sinks. I tried running more water and plunging but it would still take a few hours to empty. I tried again and suddenly a geyser of black sludge filled the sink. That is when I gave up. That didn’t look like anything I had ever put in there. I knew I would have to call the landlord Monday and that boosted my anxiety a ton. A normal tenant would have no problem with this situation. The company that owns the apartment buildings has sent out several notices threatening to charge us for the plumber. Which is bullshit since the building is 50 years old. Still, it’s enough to make me stress about it. They like kicking people out of here and find various reasons to threaten. I caught myself catastrophising and thought about it logically for a second. I will call, they will send a guy up, he will snake it and five minutes the problem would be solved. Right?

Monday I went through the process again and called. A few hours later the kid from maintenance knocked. First he asked if I had any gloves. Like, seriously? No. Then he tried my plunger and nothing happened. No shit, Sherlock. He looked under the sink and asked me if I had something to catch the water when he opened the release. Seriously? What kind of job did this kid come prepared to do? That didn’t work and finally he opened the large plastic container that held the snake machine. Finally! He tried that and found no obstruction in what I guess was about 4 feet into my system. He said, Looks like I will have to call the plumber. He packed up and left.

He said the plumber should be here today around 9am. This sounds like a lot of money the owners won’t want to pay. My anxiety was causing my imagination to run wild yesterday but I got it under control. I thought I would be ruminating all night. That wasn’t the case. I’m still worried about it now while I’m waiting for the plumber to show up in… 45 minutes? Or 4 hours? I don’t want this to eat up too much of my day. I’m still thinking they will show up with a longer snake, 2 minutes and they are out of here. But the kid said they would have to take it apart. I looked underneath and all the pvc pipe is glued. It’s not the type that comes unscrewed. This makes no sense. It’s like they never expected any plumbing issues to occur. I really don’t think he knows what he is talking about. Wouldn’t a real plumber be prepared for this?

I’m still thinking they will try to screw me and I have no extra money. Ever. The main reason I am worried has nothing to do with plumbing. It is their ridiculous parking rules where they have 100 reasons you will get towed away. Everyone gets two stickers but the cars must be registered to someone on the lease. Visitors are only allowed to park in a regular spot from 9am to 5pm. After that they must move down to the visitor spots. Which are about a half mile away from the furthest buildings. Good luck if it is raining. They are unnecessarily strict. There are many more available parking spots than the theoretical amount of cars and most people living here only have one car anyway.

It gets worse in the winter. They will tow you if you don’t move your car in the morning before they plow and again if you don’t move your car back to a clean spot after they plow. That makes sense but you are screwed if you have a visitor. When it snows nobody is allowed to park in the visitor spot and they also cannot park in an assigned space. No exceptions. So it snows at night, your visitor must leave the premises I guess. What the fuck? That is the only one that applies to me. Whenever there is snow expected they post the rules everywhere. It is 2 pages! Not large print and not double spaced! If you do this you will be towed, if you do that you will be towed… etc… etc…

I’m surprised I am not freaking out over this. Yes I wrote this page because it is on my mind but I am sitting here calmly waiting for a knock on the door. The black sludge did go down mostly overnight which is better than Sunday night when if did not move at all. I’m still thinking it is a 5 minute job. How can they blame me? Where would I get all that black bilge water to dump in there? The problem is obviously outside my unit. I’ve got better things to worry about.

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