It Happens to the Best of Them

Robot Brain

Sunday, August 8th, 2021: Babs (Barbara) fell down and broke her leg sometime last week. I just heard about it yesterday. Babs is my ex wife N____ grandmother. She has been living alone in Florida where she lived with her late husband, Howard, before he died about 6 years ago. She is around 90 years old. She has been living alone by choice. She has family with the means to take her in but she is too stubborn and refuses help. She has been doing well by herself but I don’t think she will be able to recoup from a broken leg without serious aftercare. I’m not even sure she will be let out of rehabilitation after she leaves the hospital.

N____ booked a flight to Florida yesterday and was supposed to leave at 11am. Later she told me the flight was canceled. I didn’t ask her why. I didn’t want to stress her out more. I asked if she would try another flight and she said in a couple weeks.

When N____ and I were married, Babs and Howard would spend the summers living with us and the winter time at their house in Florida. Howard had a great career and retired with many benefits that were passed on to her, so she has not had to worry about money. They were always good to me and treated me like family since I met them. She loved to cook and always made sweet deserts. All day long she would “accidentally” drop food on the floor for Kelsey, her favorite of our dogs. No wonder he was such a porker.

They both had a great sense of humor. One day we had family at the house and people were loving their wine. A few of us were sitting in one room and wondered if they still had sex. We were laughing about it and N____, who is never shy, said she was going to ask Babs. Sure enough, when her grandmother walked through the room to get a refill, N____ asked her if they still did it. Babs stopped and said, “We’re old, we’re not dead!” We all fell on the floor! After that Howard came in and we told him what Babs said. He smiled and grabbed his belt with both hands, “Well, I better go upstairs and get ready.” We all died again! That was 20 years ago and I can still see the whole episode. I’m laughing and crying at the same time now. I’m going to remind N___ of that day when I talk to her later. I know she still remembers it.

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