Ground Zero

Robot Brain

You won’t believe how much I got accomplished yesterday! I don’t believe how much I got accomplished yesterday! I vacuumed all the carpet in my one bedroom apartment. It may not sound like much but in my state multi-level apartment buildings are required to have 80% carpeted floor space.

Also, I have not vacuumed in a very long time. I don’t know how to measure it in months but let’s just say my cat has shed his fur twice since the last time I did it. It was pretty gross. Please don’t judge. I haven’t been depressed or lazy or lacking motivation. I have been keeping up with all my other responsibilities and obligations outside of my abode. I guess I have just been overwhelmed while inside.

I got the impetus when I woke up in the morning and looked around me. I decided if I only did one thing this day it would be to vacuum my room. Only the bedroom sounded like a realistic goal. This was at 6am and I have respect for my neighbors so I didn’t start at that moment. I did my usual morning routine, then fucked around on the internet for a bit. I think I made it to 10am and had to start!

This wasn’t going be a quick once over to make it look presentable. I had to be thorough. I took everything off the floor and went to town. My vacuum cleaner sucks (Ha ha, get it?) but what did I expect? I got it for 40 bucks at Walmart. It’s a Bissell so it’s at least serviceable. I just have to go very slowly and twice over everything. I discovered I could use the soul of my shoe to scrub the cat fur away from the walls. I was feeling really good and ready to move on to the hallway, which I was planning as a second day project. I looked behind me and thought, what the fuck have I been doing this whole time? There is a gap beneath the baseboard heater where paint chips, fur and dust have been collecting forever. Seriously? I went and got the broom and pulled all that shit out! It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t particularity difficult. I don’t know what the hell has been going on with that.

The hallway was easy but that is where the cat box closet is located. It looked extremely daunting. It is a small space but the bottom was covered with litter. Luckily my cat is very accurate with his piss and shit. Again, please don’t judge. When people are inside my place they ask where I keep the cat box and why they can’t smell it? On my behalf I do buy good litter and scoop it every day. That is one of my sanity tests. If I can feed, water and clean up after my cat every day then I am doing well. Again, this task was easier than I thought. I used a broom for the first time, which I never thought would work on carpet. It did a better job than than the vacuum ever did! What the hell has been going on with me?

The living room is the largest area in here but I was on a roll. I had to continue at my slow pace and not rush to the end. By now I remembered my old cleaning routine. I went from right to left, moving all the furniture as I went along. Running my sneaker along the walls first and wiped out another baseboard heater!

I can’t believe I did it all in one day! It looks as good as it did when I first moved in here. I also tossed a lot of shit that has just been collecting dust. Like why do I need this? I used to look forward to vacuuming and cleaning the whole place once a week. It felt so good. I’m not sure when I faded away. Today I am planning on tackling the kitchen. It looks pretty bad but I haven’t let it go for as long as the rest of the place. I can see myself doing more than I planned. I am really looking forward to it!

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