Clean Sweep

Robot Brain

It took me about 4 hours yesterday to knock that kitchen da fuq out! I know this is boring but it is doing wonders in my self care department. I set my sights low, only expecting to clean the stove, not knowing how long it would take. It’s a good thing for the first half of my life I read anything and everything with words printed on it. Obviously books, but also magazines, the daily newspapers, pamphlets, cereal boxes… Every word. I didn’t care what it was. I read cook books cover to cover. I didn’t cook. You get the idea. One of my favorite columns in the local paper was “Hints from Heloise”. She gave old timey housewives hints on how to get that stubborn stain out of hubby’s shirt or whatever. That is where I learned to use vinegar and baking soda as a cleaning solution. Let me tell you, it works! My stovetop was disgusting and it had been going on way too long. I sprinkled a liberal amount baking soda over the surface and sprayed vinegar on it. (Yes, I have vinegar in a spray bottle. Don’t you?) I gave it about 5 minutes and wiped all that gross shit up with paper towels. No scrubbing. I was off to the races after that. I cleaned the whole kitchen with vinegar and paper towels. All except the dirty dishes. I haven’t done the floor yet, but guess what I will be using on that? Oh yeah! That shit is the bomb. I also use it as an air and fabric freshener. Don’t laugh.

I took today off from cleaning but I am feeling really good about myself now. Next is the bathroom. Maybe tomorrow or the next. I’m not worried about it. I didn’t let it go like I did the rest of the place. The last person besides me who was in there said it reminded her of a hospital bathroom. So that was encouraging. I knew the worst parts would be the living areas and the kitchen. I really can’t explain what my brain was thinking. I have lived here for 8 years and it has never gotten close to that before. I never woke up with dishes left in the sink or dirty pans on the stove. I kept on that daily. I mean, what the fuck? I live alone, it takes less than 3 minutes to clean up after myself after I cook a meal. I’m feeling optimistic about getting in the habit again.

So much for major life changes. I’m sitting here waiting for my doctor to call at 4. I have no idea why I picked afternoon over morning when the office gave me the choice. It’s not like I’m sleeping. Now I’ve had all day to think about getting pissed off and yelling at him for whatever reason. I won’t get upset. I will tell him I’ve been doing pretty well. But last time I said that he doubled my medication. I just want to get off these bi-weekly appointments. I’ve been in regular contact with all the people who know me well and nobody has expressed any concern. Why can’t he just give me a breather until the end of the summer and let me be happy about my daughter having the time of her life?

I was finally able to start another audio book Sunday so maybe next time I will write about that instead of giving the play by play on how I cleaned my low flow toilet.

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