Something Wicked This Way Comes

I’m not entirely sure but I think some shit is going to happen Saturday night. But… if that shit happens, I think it is going to be happening at my place. I joined that group and checked off, I will be attending the event. (Dancing and drinking at a bar on Hampton Beach.) I left my notifications on because there are only 15 spots available. If someone posts a comment I get an email. One person said, sounds great, wish I could make it. Another apologized for changing her mind. The guy who created the group. (Last Sunday) Ivan, said, no problem, hopefully next time. A woman had questions if it was a private event. (No, bring a friend if you want and also public patrons of the bar will be there.)

Tuesday, I formulated a plan. Partly because I was worried about transportation but I had another motive. Thursday I put the plan in motion. I knew from the limited information the site gives about members that all the people attending lived at least 45 minutes away. I got devious and posted a comment this morning but it was truthful. I said, “My plan is Uber since I only live 10 minutes from the Ashworth. But they did leave me stranded once in the middle of the afternoon. I was told coverage is spotty in my area even though I live half mile from Exit 1, Rte. (…) and a mile from Rte. (…). in a well populated area. I’m not in the middle of nowhere. I really want to go, I just don’t want to be a no show because Uber texts me “no drivers available” at 6pm.”

That was around noon. I left the house for the afternoon not knowing if anyone would respond. If nobody answered my backup plan was still Uber. Ivan’s notice about the event mentioned carpooling if needed, “let me know ahead of time.” I thought he might answer me. My underhanded intention was to let everyone know I lived right down the street from the bar. A left and a right on well traveled roads and boom, you are here! My reasoning was all these people signed up immediately for a destination. They know it’s going to be 4 hours in a bar on a Saturday night. How many of them are going to want to drive an hour at midnight to get home and be alone? I wouldn’t.

I assumed if I got a reply from anyone it would be the main organizer Ivan but the last thing he posted was Monday, “make sure if you can’t make it, change your status so other people can join.” But the description mentioned carpool. I imagined he would be in charge of that. I got home later and had a few notifications. Only one pertained to me. They were from Karen…? A co-organizer. She answered the question about cost. (It’s free, you pay for you own food and drink.) She answered the public, private question. (The more the merrier.) And she answered me… “U can text me (555) 555-5555. Well… What do you know about that? Nobody else got an invitation to text.

I sent her a polite text making clear,who, what, where and when I was talking about. She texted back shortly after asking if I was looking for a ride there and back? I said, That would be great if possible. (I am worried about an Uber at midnight in suburbia). She said she is working on carpooling. I again made it clear I am centrally located. Also I can throw $ towards gas or someone going out of their way… etc… I’ve lived here all my life and know a few people are coming up from Massachusetts. That passes very close to me. The people from New Hampshire would have to take a five mile detour to pick up me, a local to guide them. Which will be useful because I know the Ashworth hooks you for $20 valet parking (not including tip) and I know where $2 an hour metered parking is located nearby.

So, I’m evil… what do you want from me? I may be delusional. But I spent half my life doing this. Hampton beach is a destination party place. People don’t just come here to have a normal night out. And it’s post-pandemic. New England has a high vaccination rate. Hospitality places just had most restrictions lifted a few months ago. It’s a recipe for disaster!

Whatever happens, Karen? Asked for my address and said she would text me Saturday. I’m pretty confident I can get an Uber to the party. I’m pretty confident I won’t need an Uber to get home. I don’t know… I’ve just been restraining myself for so long. Staying home in a self imposed lockdown. I’ve been pretty lucky with the women I have met on dating sites over the years but the bullshit you have to go through… I joined meetup 5 days ago and I’m about to go meet 15 people acting like normal people. If I said I needed a ride somewhere to a woman I talked to on a dating site, that would be the last I hear from her. It’s so refreshing. I was just thinking about one of the last interactions I had on a dating site however long ago. We talked a bit and I asked her what she likes to do when she meets someone virtually? Message for a long time or just chat and do a quick meet and greet. She said, That’s funny, I also call it a meet and greet. I like to chat a little and then meet quick. No pressure. I answered, That is funny, I also like to do that. Something simple like a coffee or drink, if you are still sitting there talking after an hour you might possibly like each other. I never got an answer. How was that offensive? That’s how it goes. One reply that isn’t perfect and you get ghosted.

I’m not saying I’m going to get laid Saturday. Maybe nobody will like me. I’m an acquired taste anyway and I have been pretty hyped up lately. I don’t want to be “in your face.” I don’t know what will happen but everyone going joined the website last weekend as I did, and joined the group last weekend as I did and committed to going to the event within days, as I did. I know I want to have a good time.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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