Everyone has plans. Plans on what they are going to do tomorrow or the next day. But do you really know? You got a good job. A good relationship. Nice friends. Whatever you like, you got it. It seems so easy, right?

Everything is goin’ great, right? Then why you feel so uncomfortable? Are you sure? Why not? It could end tomorrow.

You got fuckin’ shit man! What you got? Destiny? An apparent reason? You got somethin’ goin’ on nobody else got goin’ on? I mean, tell me what it is?

What do you do man? You discover something they don’t tell on the self help programs? I mean, maybe you satisfactory, maybe you live beyond you means.

You got potential? How far is that gonna carry you? You ever lose your devices?

How many of you are scared like I am? I mean I might not be the worst but I used to be the best.

Do you go up or down? Do you know your talent?

What the fuck you gonna do? You gonna keep it to yourself? You gonna be charitable? You gonna stick to your own devices?

I’ll fuckin’ tell you what I’m gonna do..

I got a plan, man

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