Lord won’t you buy me a night on the town?

“Hey buddy, wake up!” The bouncer stood tall and tough, close to my side. I lifted my head from the bar and tried to figure out where I was. I was led down the stairs and out to the street. My arms and legs were lead but I willed myself to move towards the neon sign a short stumble away.

Much earlier I had ditched my friends and went on a drunken tour of the city. I had Percosets loose in my pocket and took one before I entered each bar. I drank until the bartenders gave me the eye. I knew the look and would finish my drink and leave without a word. I repeated the scene four or five times that night until I was overcome at the final stop.

I walked to the park on the waterfront and found a bench. The park was deserted. A light rain was falling. I was cold and alone. I reached into my pocket for a Perc and came up empty. I cursed and spat. My cigarettes were crushed. I straightened one out, broke off the filter and lit it with my last match. I was feeling lucky again.

“Hey buddy, wake up!” The cop stood tall and tough, close to my side. I shrugged my shoulders at his questions and waited for him to take me to jail. I was polite and affable as I emptied my pockets and took off my shoes and belt. I was simply happy for a place to sleep. I curled up in my cell and waited till morning.

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