Day Late and a Dollar Short

Robot Brain

“I’m not as awesome as this song makes out-
I’m angry, underweight and sketching out.
I’m building bonfires of my vanities and doubts to get warm.
Just like everybody else.”

Reasons not to be an Idiot, Frank Turner

Disclaimer: Skip the first paragraph and this turns into a really happy post!

Fucking Douchebags! There is piece of paper taped to the front door of my apartment building, handwritten, “Who stole my packages? My daughter’s birthday presents!” Who walks by and just swipes up people’s mail? Nobody here has any money. It’s not like you are going to find some treasure. It happened to me the first time I had a package delivered here. I got the tracking notification and went down less then 15 minutes later and it was gone. Good thing it only cost me less than $20. That just matched the color of my whole day.

I was planning on writing a positive piece. I still can because I know one of the most wonderful people in the world! My daughter!

My daughter is fucking styling! She picked me up after school yesterday. She is cruising around in 15 year old, black on black, one up model BMW with all power options. She acts like it ain’t no thing but I can tell she loves it. She’s gotta be the coolest kid in her school. Not really, but she would be the coolest kid in my school. She doesn’t want to be popular and she’s not great at making friends but she makes good friends. She has always been a good judge of character. Best of all is she has personality. Enough bragging on my kid. I’m sure yours is the best too.

I’m so glad they got her car fixed. It was overheating every 3 days and he couldn’t figure it out. It’s not worth bringing to a mechanic because they only paid $800 for it. He replaced the fan and the water pump but still nothing. A few weeks ago I asked her if he tried Stop Leak? She asked what I meant. I said they sell this stuff called “Stop Leak” and it’s made to stop leaks. She laughed. He knows more about cars than I do so I figured he didn’t need my advice. Maybe there is a reason he didn’t try it. Last week my ex texted me they put black pepper in the radiator and now it runs fine. Black pepper? I know that trick. I guess I should have said something weeks ago. I’ve put oatmeal in radiators to stop leaks… Crack an egg in there. What the hell? I thought he just didn’t want to try a hack. Whatever… She doesn’t have to worry about breaking down now. I’m telling you, she is stylin’… That fucking car is nice. The guy that owned was rich and paid to have it taken car of, had it detailed regularly. You sit inside and think the car is brand new. I’m jealous.

I’m so happy for her. She is so happy. She’s got a great boyfriend that worships the ground she walks on. We were sitting around last summer and her mom said, he walks around like he thinks he is the luckiest… And my daughter said, Of course he is, Look at me. She’s not vain. That is just her sense of humor. But that kid is pretty fucking lucky. I texted her the next day and said, “Anyone would be lucky to know you.”

Yesterday her mom told me she worked 7days and it is her first day of and I was the first one she was going to see. So I feel like the luckiest. So much for my bonfire of doubt this weekend. We were at lunch and she said she was meeting a friend for coffee in about an hour. I asked her where she was going for coffee. She told me her friend was pretty vague, she’s not sure she means they are going for coffee. I laughed and said, Where I come from “coffee” never means coffee. She laughed. She knows what’s up.

She had some exciting news. She is going to see one of her favorite bands, Cleopatrick, next month and she thinks she is going to meet them in person. I asked her how that came about and she said she has been chatting with them on Instagram. The bass player thinks she is pretty cool because she plays bass too. She said she wasn’t sure if she would get to hang out or what was going to happen. I told her I was pretty sure she was going to be hanging out with them. I didn’t tell her how I knew or why the guy in the band, “thinks she is pretty cool”. I don’t know. Her boyfriend is going to be there and they are pretty deep in First Love. Sox is driving them to the show so I don’t think he will let things get too crazy. I don’t care. She is living her best life. She’s 16, she should be having fun. She has always been responsible.

La Vida Loca

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