But Wait, There’s More!

Robot Brain

“I want to defy
The logic of all sex laws
Let the handcuffs slip off your wrists
I’ll let you be my chaperon
At the halfway home
I’m a full grown man
But I’m not afraid to cry”

“Sexx Laws” Beck

Okay, last month, why did I see a book on a website that had nothing to do with what I was searching, but I stopped what I was doing and reserved it on my library app? The title was something about miracles. I don’t believe in miracles. I’m not looking for a miracle. It pops up on my tablet a couple weeks later and I immediately start listening to it and it’s specifically geared towards women who want to lose weight and find a relationship. Do I stop? No. I keep listening. The first chapter is about recognizing your fears and figuring out which ones are realistic and how to work it. That’s what I was looking for! I finished the first chapter and didn’t need the book anymore.

Not good enough? The woman I met last Saturday online in the meditation session who said was going to send me a whatsapp invite then I figured she blew me off. Yesterday my phone went off and she sent me the invite. Later I got an email from her through the website telling me she sent me the invite. Okay, that’s normal. But why did she finish it with her full name and underneath that is says she is a LADC? It was meditation session. Nobody mentioned anything about alcohol or drugs.

[ Not so brief interlude: While I was typing it was time to log into the zoom meditation I’ve been waiting for because it sounded more my style. There were 5 people including the instructor. I’m the only new person and she introduced me and I said something short. She explains what the practice was going be today and asked if there were any questions. I didn’t have a question but I had something to say. I didn’t want to say it but you know I have to say it, right? “That’s weird, you just listed off 5 things I’ve been working on this summer…”, (I don’t want to say it but you know I have to say it, right?) “Synchronicty” She was right into it. She wasn’t a hippie. She was young and studied the neuroscience behind meditation, which is why I chose the group. That’s great. She started the meditation and the first sentence she mentioned rumination, which wasn’t in the list of things she stated. Now I’m all fucked up. I can’t meditate. I can’t wait for this to end because I want to tell everyone now.

Finally, it’s over and she asks for questions or comments. I have a comment! “It happened again. You mentioned ruminating and I didn’t tell you that an hour before this started I googled, ‘How to stop ruminating’ and of course meditation came up but I’ve done at least ten groups and nobody mentioned it before.” She started talking about the two areas in the brain that are involved in ruminating and one simple trick is to look out the window at the horizon and it helps. I told her that’s funny because my favorite place is the ocean and when I can see far into the distance all the shit in my head stops.

The guy who looks like he looks like he might always look like he just rolled out of bed jumps in and says, I don’t usually tell people this but I won the national award in ruminating. “That’s only because I didn’t enter the contest.”(me) “There is always next year.”, “Well, look out, I’m a perfectionist so I’ll be prepared.” Then he got pretty funny and everyone jumped in. They all live in different parts of the country but they all live close to the ocean like me and it’s there favorite place. The woman I forgot was in the room because she had her camera off and never said a word, couldn’t contain herself and bursts into her story about living near the beach. What the fuck is going on here?

The guy who just rolled out of bed said his favorite part of the beach was the waves crashing on the rocks, he went on for a long time, I forget some but gist was, mountains are great, but they just sit there, Wave are always changing, each one is different, they’re like people talking to you. I tell him, shit’s gettin’ weird now, cause I grew up on those rocks and when I was a kid my favorite thing to do was walk to the end of the breakwater until the highest, highest tide and dare the waves to knock me off until I had to run back jumping from rock to rock to save my life!

I don’t even remember the rest of it. They were all talking over each other remembering all these wonderful things and I’m just sitting there listening. I started out afraid to say anything because I didn’t want to sound crazy and now they are all crazy! Not crazy but all excited! I kept them there until 20 minutes past the hour. She forgot what time it was and that’s her profession. She teaches mindfulness and the only reason she was on Zoom was Covid. I guess I found my tribe.] communitymindfulnessproject.org/daily-meditations

Phew! So is this other whatsapp chick trying to drum up business? I met her on some Buddhist meditation I’m not really into. The description didn’t say anything about substance abuse. Nobody in the group talked about substances. Why is she telling me she is a LADC? Am I supposed to say something to her? Like? “Yeah, 12 hours after I met you did an online SMART meeting for the first time.”?

I wanted to go for a walk but now I’m afraid to go outside! I don’t know what is going to happen. I’m pretty sure something is going to happen. I’ll tell you later.

4 thoughts on “But Wait, There’s More!

  1. That was great. We are all crazy, just in different ways.

    Also, synchronicity. I was just sitting here looking at all my pictures of the mountains wondering what sort of people don’t like or appreciate them. Then I read this and now I get it! I prefer the mountains to the beach for the exact reason mentioned. I like the stability of them and knowing they aren’t going to change. 🙂

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    1. I appreciate them. NH’s number one industry is tourism. Millions of people visit specifically for the mountains. Ton’s people use it as a jump on point to start hiking the Appalachian trail. I can’t count how many times I’ve been and I”ve probably missed a million things. Most of my life I”ve lived near the ocean so I have an affinity. I just loved listening to his story. He looked like he could be living on the street but he said he was a retired teacher of creative writing and I believe him. I just had to tell the world! How did I stumble across 4 random strangers and we all had everything in common? Yeah, we were interested in meditation but lot’s of people are. Online meditation wouldn’t even reach the top 100 on my bucket list. It was such a nice day I almost skipped the meeting. I wanted to get out and enjoy the weather. I’m babbling. Thank you for the comment. *smiley face emoji*

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      1. That is pretty incredible to find four people with such similar lives. I bet he was a great teacher, usually the ones that don’t give a shit about their appearance make up for it by being super interesting or maybe he doesn’t care now that he’s retired, who knows lol. I love our mountains here but I’d really like to see the Appalachians in the fall especially! That whole part of the country is so beautiful. I’m glad you enjoyed the meditation session, it was fun to read about your experience.Now I’ve babbled so we’re even. 🙂

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      2. I look totally straight edge but as soon as I saw that guy I thought, yes, I am going to like him!
        You and I have more in common than you know. I follow your blog because when I was in my 20’s my dream was to live your life. My girlfriend and I traveled the country for 2 years looking for a place to homestead. But the world turns.

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