N’haiku meet you!

Heart colored pencils

How did I ever forget this story? It starts out like most of my best stories. I was minding my own business at 2am clicking through OkStupid when I saw a woman from Salem, Ma. (You know? The Witch City?) I normally try to come up with something original to say in a first message but when I see Salem, I can’t help myself. I usually ask, “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” I know it’s lame but it cracks me up and sometimes I would get some interesting responses. Good thing I thought twice. I was reading through her interests and one of them was Haiku. What? Who likes Haiku? I remember they made us write it in elementary school and could not figure out what the hell it had to do with anything. It made no sense. Now I am glad they did!

I sent a well thought out poem in the correct structure. 5-7-5 syllables. (I really wish I had a transcript of this because I was performing above my level) She answered in less than a minute with one of her own. Well, okay… Now we were having a conversation in Haiku and apparently making sense. I know. Sounds pretty boring but I think you know where my stories usually go. It went. I started getting suggestive, she was receptive, It was fun! Nothing dirty. Very soft core, erotica but it was hot. I didn’t know I could flow with such tight restrictions but we were non stop texting. The only pauses were in how long it took to type the words. I did break the rules once. To send my address.

Has anyone else ever done this? No? Just me?

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