Media giving voice to crackpots
schemers, dreamers and fascists

A conspirational tone keeps me
from answering the phone
I’m trapped, bugged, I’ve been bitten
(insects hasten the decay)
Why am I chastened in this way?

You’re smitten
You’ve written
some bad shit in your day
but nothing comes close
to this unfortunate rhyme

Are you paying attention?
Did I forget to mention?

It’s futile and fruitless
ineffectual and useless
This mindless dissension
(Breaking the ranks)
People, guns and tanks
All scare tactics and hate
Better get your facts fucking straight
before we come with missiles over there
All up in your shit
Make you vanish into thin air

Did you get my missive?
Do you think I’m insane?
Can you hear the ticking
from inside my brain?

It’s all bullshit
but it depends who’s saying it
tomorrow you’ll be praying it
doesn’t come your way

Hoping I am socially moderate
when I see your silly doctorate
I don’t know what to say
‘cause I ain’t fucking literate

You expect me to hold my temper?
I can’t when it’s Semper fi do or die

You’re facebooked, twittered and linkedIn
everyone knows what your thinkin’
So, think or swim, my heart sinks
(When I think of you)

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