It Was All a Dream

These prison walls become a a sanctuary
Built by my own hand
Blocking out the tortured landscape of my mind
Clocks ticking
Thoughts sticking
Images breached
Dark creatures speak of my soulless wandering
Cast a spell
Time will tell
Minds fire
Bodies tire
Sleep comes too easily
Words broken
Passively absent
Caressing distress
Aggressively tested
Death would be best
Second is life
The devil’s midwife
Giving birth to strife
Demanding to be fed
Children led to slaughter
Sacrificial daughters
Lie down in hunger’s stead
Bloody poisoned streams
Fill the mouths that scream
Drowning fields of dreams
Up above the fray
Circling birds of prey
Eyes and ears of clay
Smoke, ashes, dust and bones
A king has fallen from the throne
Rising above a windswept plain
A mother’s muffled cry in vain
Deny the wolf’s hunger
Starving for pain

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