Unplugged, disconnected, resurrected, deconstruct me, it’s you who fucked me, with your body and mind, it’s your soul I can’t find. Finish the job, don’t leave it undone, your pleasure’s my pain, do you do it for fun?

It was because my brain was defective and needed correction. You didn’t know I was avoiding detection from cops and killers, men with weapons and this insurrection, trying to wipe me out, deny my birthright.

You didn’t know it was my family I was trying to save.

Men floating in space want to destroy the human race and the voice says,”Don’t say, save face, they’ll put you away for the rest of you life. Can you imagine being locked up, three meals a day? They’ll electrify your brain, try to make you think their way.”

I kept my mouth shut for as long as I could until I broke and I caved and I ratted myself out.

You were there with me, heard what I had to say. My final mistake of many. I scared you away.

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