Y’All Ready For This?

Waiting for the noise to stop. It’s quiet now except for the sound of “Uncle Ray” snoring on the couch. I have lot’s of “Uncles”. That is my signal to slip out of bed. Stepping softly towards the kitchen to the left. Slowly nudge the refrigerator door open, holding my breath until the vacuum seal pops. Seven bottles of Schlitz,(gives you the shits, haha) I am strong enough to twist off the top, it is a game for us kids. Ease the door shut until the airlock. (did it) Into the living room, search the ashtray on the coffee table for a roach… I know how to smoke it. Hold it between a split paper match…Somehow I know it is called a “Jefferson Airplane”. I know I only need a little.

Still silently stepping over a body passed out on the floor. The newest issue of Penthouse Magazine is on top of the stack on the rack next to the Zenith television console. I sit cross-legged on the floor and open the glossy pages.

I don’t know what I’m seeing but I like it somehow. I know the pleasure of my penis, but I haven’t made the connection yet. They don’t look like real people. That is not what holds my interest.

Letters to Penthouse; my favorite,; later on I would find out they are not real. (or were they? Now I write my own, do you believe them?) Who are these people? What is a “clit?”, What are these people talking about? I kind of know, I’ve seen sex before. I don’t know, it is my favorite, I never miss an issue. (my cousin while I’m looking at the cereal box; Do you have to fucking read everything?)

Softly sit down next to “Uncle Ray” on the couch. Cosmopolitan Magazine, “15 ways to please your man!”, “How to keep him coming back for more”. Who are these people? I have never met anyone who looks like this. What are they trying to do?

Move on next to the big white bible, “The Kinsey Reports”. This is fascinating; I know all these body parts but not the words, vagina, penis, gspot, orgasm, urethra?

The sun is coming up. This is the most peaceful time of day. I have to get back to bed and pretend I have been sleeping. School starts soon.

Guess what grade I am in?

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