3 Cubed

Pendulum clock

Four 1’s and four 2’s mean nothing to anyone but they add up to four 3’s

Phht… Blew her fucking mind. M===== is not the one I’m trying to find. Who is it?

JFC! 7pm, I’m logged in doing a Zoom meditation group. She sends me a link to a YouTube video “369 code of the universe” Nikola Tesla. yeah, yeah, I’m not watching that crap.

“You solved the riddle” “Ya, my bdate 369” Whatever, I’m trying to do something. She keeps sending me links. WTF she sending me all these links? I ain’t got time to listen to this shit! Long text with more links. Long explanations. The past lives bullshit again. (I’ll tell her something that really matters)

“You should have felt the peace run through me from midnight to 6.” Of course she knows all about it. “That’s the most Spiritual time, especially 3-4am.” Another long text. I don’t have time for this, I got Grace Jones pumping again. Fucking longer text, something about eating cow cheese and milk? What? “Do you write when you feel like that? ” Do I write when I feel like what? I shut the computer off, I’m in bed, It’s only 10:30.


“But now I’m lying here feeling like Tesla coils”


fucking blue electric waves spiraling around my head

whole body humming with static charge



take off my clothes and align myself angled across the bed

“That’s why I couldn’t answer earlier”

can’t tell her what i’m doing (you know what i’m doing right?)

She never go for that

“I can hear it around my head”

“Differing frequencies”

“Trying to offload energies”

another long text,what is she talking about? lsd and elephants?

“No Elephant s”

“can you see me”

if she says yes she is lying

“My axis is pointed towards Amesbury are you there now”

no answer no answer

the tempo is so fast i can barely breathe deep enough to keep up

“That why this music is in sync”

i already know i found this info two weeks ago in portsmouth, who was she?

put my phone down, pick it up

“Grace Jones and Chaka Khan”

“I put them both on playlist Cotillion”

still going still going faster

“On shuffle they alternate”

she knows what is going on why wont she answer?

it’s fucking buzzing loud

the whole room is lit up electric blue

holy shit what is this stop check it

“La Vie en Rose”

“I’m moving huge volumes of air”

“What time is it”

“She speaks in tongues”

“3 3 3 3 9”

“1 2 1 1 2 2”

“It shut off the music”

turn it back on what the fuck

too much on the television

midnight run?

“You’ got to hurt before you heal”

“Bobby Bland”

“Text me at midnight”

fuck grace jones

this is the fucking song

demolition man

I’m a walking nightmare, an arsenal of doom
I kill conversation as I walk into the room
I’m a 3 line whip
I’m the sort of thing they ban
I’m a walking disaster
I’m a demolition man

who cares not slowing down now

too much energy

bright blue electric waves spiraling in power beam aimed towards amesbury

entire bedroom is glowing

an electro magnetic dynamo

still going faster

not right

gotta stop

where did the energy go

what time is it

not the right time

time is in the kitchen on the stove


“It’s over”


midnight nothing

half hour


i knew she couldnt handle it

i knew she would flake out

take some screen shots

“How about 1:09?”

“Yeah the clock on my stove is different”

“And I heard it in the wind
And I saw it in the sky
And I thought it was the end

I thought it was the 4th of July”

“4th of July” Soundgarden

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