Come On Over! Royal Blood

Heart colored pencils

Okay, all week, I’m talking serious shit to serious people. But not to M—-, I’m pissed at her because she insisted I download Signal to chat with her it has more privacy. I don’t want to quote Ice T, but, “For the record. I am not a Democrat and I am not Republican so you can miss me with all your Left-Right talk.. Both Wings are on the same Bird
True Dat. While the Democrats and Republicans were fighting tooth and nail who was going to receive $600 dollars in stimulus money along party lines, it barely made the news that all of them voted unanimously there would be no more end to end encryption allowed on any devices or websites. I didn’t want to ruin her illusions. But after a week she started using three different phone numbers on the same app… each with similar names but different. And different pics but not of her, they were pictures from the sims game. figured none of them were her real name. I have never don’t a background search on anyone, except a basic Whitepages to see if someone has the correct name when they tell me too text me at 2am. But she admitted she only had 3 google voice voice numbers. Okay? How did she spoof me with a 919 number from Raliegh? and then another one an hour later a made up dating site profile from 919?

Never once did a background check on anyone, but this is crazy! She has 5 alises! 10 bucks background check. She has 6 landlines! who the hell has a landline and three cell numbers pop up.. Not thinking I click on one it is not her name it is some stranger halfway across the country but it’s making sense now.. I think.. but no I was working through it backwards! I thought I found her real name.. She took her name by changing one letter of her drug counselor’s name when she was in prison.. No big deal but what the fuck? She got 15 different addresses, different versions of the same person’s name. I thought I was on the right track finding her dad’s obituary.. It wasn’t her dad she mentioned doing Zoom calls about a funeral. It was this drug counselor’s dad! I was feeling like Chaz Palmenterri at the end of Usual Suspects. When “Verbal” walks out of his office and he starts noticing where the story came from!

I gave up on her but she kept texting me and I”m out of my mind. But I remember when we first met she explained when she had sex and it didn’t turn into love she felt, guilt shame and anger… etc.. I told her we couldn’t have sex.. ever.. She understood and we hung out, platonically. She disappeared for a few years and came back after she had a ruinous relationship and started hanging out with me but remember I hated her talking shit about the mystical..But I figured we were hanging out driving around having coffee. I ignored her bullshit. One day she invited herself over to watch a movie… Well, I knew exactly what that meant but I can’t help myself. We had sex but she got pissed because I didn;’t fall in love. I thought that was the last I would hear from her.

Until this summer.. Okay.. Same mystical bullshit but I was into the numbers, nothing else… I don’t believe it. [Skip ahead] This week, I’m out of my skull trying to talk to the people I love, (not her) she keeps interjecting.. She is inviting herself over… She got no heat… Okay, come over here, I don’t care.. But yeah, I will probablyt turn it into sex… then a long explanation, she can’t… Okay, I don’t give a shit! I am am mad at you.. I don’t say, I say, I understand… But she invites herself over for coffee…. and cancels… Finally, I don’t want to do it but I want to get rid of her.. I didn’t say, come on over! I sent the link to” Come On Over, by Royal Blood, listen to the song! She didn’t get it!

She told me the story about the last time she had sex! 09/16/2016. Okay…. That was with me! I did not write down the date! I guessed.. I knew it was right before I got run over by a car! I asked, “With me?” I knew he answer… Then she described all the shit leading up to it. I knew all of it. I am not forgetful. Short term yes…, She asked me why I sent the song “Come on Over”? I said, obviously beside the title, the whole song. “OH!” Couple hours later she wanted a simple yes or no answer, Did I want her to come over only for sex… Yes I did, but not anymore, I answered “Yes” because I knew that would piss her off and she would not come.. she sent me a long diatribe about women be hormonal and men being attracted, how could I know over email?… I answered yes because we cannot have sex! No answer… Hours later she wanted coffee… I know what “coffee” means, I said, I am already walking for coffee.. That was it… Do you think she is going to contact me again? I can’t do it! I can’t have a woman wait 5 years for me.. I have sex every five minutes… Listen to Royal Blood, Come on Over!

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