I let people lie to me, because when they think I believe the lies they believe I am the biggest moron and they can tell me bigger lies. But I only do that because I know they will start telling the the truth… They can’t help it. It reminds me of spending a little time in AA. NA and other such programs Usually while in the BHU. Addicts would brag they were the best liars. Okay, I am going to believe you now. Then they tell the biggest lie ever no one could ever believe, but give them ten minutes and they are confessing the biggest truths. Why the fuck would I want to talk to this person? After the big confession, they start with the, Oh god! I really want to straighten myself out and I need rehab (place to stay for 30 days) and then then they get out to the lunchroom and they are trading numbers with the other addicts where to get the best drugs when they leave the BHU….I am the biggest addict you will ever meet but I’m not hanging around with these shitheads. I keep my mouth shut during meetings. Why? I want to quit… I can’t but I’m not hanging around with anyone who brags about being a huge fucking liar.

Fucking bitches lie to me, oh, I want you so bad! Oh yeah, yeah, I love you too…! I’m broke this week… Oh, sorry I’m busy… never would have guessed? Okay, forget I said bitches. I have been talking to a woman on Bumble, I almost deleted the shit. OnIy reason I did not delete the app. thought I did but got a response from her. I have been inviting her for a bagel and saying that usually turns into “coffee”, means different things to different people. Three fucking days she is asking me what I mean by “coffee”. What the fuck do you think I mean? Straight back Colombian? Saturday, she tells me she has had an illness, Thank god it’s not Covid! but she is still contagious. If she doesn’t want to meet for “coffee” just tell me I’m an asshole! or what? In the past few days she got tested for Covid but didn’t mention it? And she is still contagious with whatever cold or flu virus or fucking sniffle. If she was covid conscious, she never asked if I wear a mask. Should I go on? She is scared I may get the common cold and die?


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5 thoughts on “Prevarication

    1. Serious connection 2 hours ago, invited her for the “perfect bagel” she said she will take a shower and call me at 10am.. Called me at 10:01am, first question, what do you do for work.?.. I am on disability for schizo. end of convo… Should I start lying? Say I work from home? Really thought she was my type…

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