What Do You Do? Sleep All Night?

36 years old, right before I went on disability. Working 12 -14- 16 hours a day. Doesn’t matter. Getting home…N===, has immunodeficiency disease. She is dead from taking care of L===. all day, cooked dinner, hands L===, to me and goes to bed… I am done with work and school and I feed her and myself and put her to bed. Then it is time to do my homework… I am dedicated to my schoolwork.. Programming… It sucks because it you make a typo between a colon and a semi-colon. It throws an error but not until 28 lines down the page. How are you going to spot that. and same with a ” or a ‘ what the hell are you supposed to look for. But I loved that shit! Fucking PHP and MSQYl and HTML and the workings together. But it was impossible! Every night. I would give up around Midnight, Lost, give up! Go to sleep! But 3am, every night. Wake up, I got the solution! Run downstairs. Start typing, put on a pot of coffee. Gotta go to work at 5 am… Always make it on time. I got it solved! What the fuck was going on? I could not decipher the night before? I got it fucking done did? What did you did when you were sleeping? We had to make sure out daughter was waking up to eat.. she never woke up! What the hell! Doctors said, wake her up, wake her up, have to wake ourselves up? Okay, every four hours? right? It doesn’t matter now but I am screaming! I am screaming! What the fuck, you supposed to do? Sleep all night? I never did and I never do! ‘Do you sleep all night? Are you well rested? I am not!

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