Three Unholy Nights

Exquisite bliss. Is this, Nirvana?
In a bar on a waterfront deck, three beautiful girls by my side.
Laughing, smiling, talking drinking.
Where did they go?
It doesn’t matter.
I’m experiencing over-driven, hyper-realistic, omniscience.
My mind won’t fit inside my head. (Thoughts escaping)
Inside; gears and sprockets; I’m part of a universal timepiece. My heart synchronized with each tick and my spring is wound tight.
I can’t stop.
This town has so much to offer.
Hundred dollar bills slid under the plate for the waitresses I like.
A torn half hundred to the ones I don’t.
Nighttime and the place comes alive.
“The Coat of Arms Pub”
Stuffed shirts sipping their warm shitty beer.
Find myself out back puking behind the dumpster.
They won’t let me back in.
“The Elvis Room”
Bartender shut me off before I got through the door.
Served me coffee instead. Big steaming cups.
Didn’t know it’s the worst thing for me?
Wore out my welcome.
I kept up a frenetic pace.
Another club, more music, more dancing.
I don’t dance.
I’m just standing there with my hands over my head.
Each time I open and close my eyes another girl in front of me.
Boyfriends dragging them away.
A slide show powered by my mental machinery.
Finally stopping on the dark skinned girl.
I don’t close my eyes.
Simulated sex on the dance floor.
Kissing, touching, grabbing, grinding.
Everyone is gone, the lights are on, music still playing?
Room at the Sheraton; company credit card.
Waking up.
Alone again… Place looks like Hiroshima.
Turn on the television… Monday morning?
Reach in my pocket; pull out a handful of torn half hundreds.
How am I going to get home?

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