Salacious Smile

She said I have bedroom eyes
I said I didn’t know what she meant, coyly
Does she want to fuck me?
Right here in front of my girlfriend?
But she laughed and agreed.
Then her sisters joined in.
They all thought it was funny.
I thought…
(Me and my bedroom eyes are going to have a story to tell or we are going home alone)
I really wasn’t that coy.
Behind my smile I thought, (I got, crazy coked out, mescaline style, junked up , ecstasy eyes)
(I swear, it’s written all over my face)
It’s was the running joke, here comes cousin Bill with the bedroom eyes, look out, look out!
My friend’s all made fun of me too.
But they weren’t upstairs with me and the college girls who visited for the summer?
I thought…
(why load the gun if you’re not going to pull the trigger?)

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