every time a bell rings

Photo by Mario Wallner on Pexels.com

“Mim” died this morning. N====’s Grandmother. She was 98. She has been in a nursing home for a few months so it’s good. She told me a little bit ago. It was sad and I cried a little. She says she is fine.

I didn’t see any of N===’s family for a long period of time but they were all great people. She was very nice.

I put her on my gratitude list today. They used to stay with us in the summertime and live in Florida during the winter. I think she only watched the Red Sox because her husband was a fan. She was funny, when they would show a replay of a home run, she would say, “Oh look, he hit another one, good for him.” She always had a package of Kraft Singles in the drawer of the fridge and she would “accidentally” drop a slice on the floor for Kelsey, the Boston Terrier. She would rather die in her sleep before she ate a Kraft Single. I swear Kelsey would gain 10 pounds every summer. She was a good cook and the only time I would eat fish is when she made baked stuffed haddock. But that wasn’t her specialty. Lemon Squares, blond brownies and OMG 7 layer bars!

My favorite was we had a thing at the house and everyone had a couple glasses of wine and a a few of us in the living room were joking about they are in their 80’s do you think they still do it? “Mim” walked in and N=== asked her. She said, “Of course! We’re old… We’re not dead!”

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