Ladies’ Man

(Click here to see part one of this “Call and Response Song”)

Without getting too specific or making anyone suspicious
I know my rhymes are not terrific but a bit tempting and delicious
Not sure of the phonetics
but your words are kinetic
I see it is more like throwing daggers than just a passing glance
I’m willing to take a chance on dancing around one syllable
The figures would be staggering if my words were fucking billable
Like L.L. Cool J, I’m not breaking the ground rules
Hey! I’m just a fool
There are no stakes when we’re clowning around
I can make your fingers clench when you feel my sound
Sometimes play is just play or maybe an homage
I’m not throwing a wrench when I say…
It’s not “Sabotage”
Last night’s poem was not mysterious
I was not delirious
I was showing deference with historic reference
Still, I’m tilting at windmills
The question was not rhetoric and now you’re playing defense
I was fucking serious
Then answer I was praying for was…
Are you “On Peyote?”

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