Rhyme Thyme

Toss and turn a rhyme in due time
Boss rappers learn to do it for a dime
It’s a parlor trick
Entertaining a nation
It makes me sick
It’s automatic
A thoughtless calculation
Attracted like static
I’m catching adulations
Fred Durst got famous for rhyming his name with his name
Would you toss me a biskit for doing the same?
Trading my prose for a rose
I hear congratulations for striking a pose
Flip it, strip it, turn it on it’s side
I’ll redefine words and take you for a ride
Do you think it’s easy to mean what I say
When matching these phrases, gets in the way?
I play for keeps but I do this in my sleep
I don’t have time to waste, I’m seizing the day
I sat stewing and then I pounced
You were arguing how a word’s pronounced
I’m doing this one for fun and I’ve only begun
It made me laugh while writing another
That meant something to me, about hating my brother
Oh shit! What rhymes with Don Quixote?

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