Unplugged, disconnected, resurrected, deconstruct me, it’s you who fucked me, with your body and mind, it’s your soul I can’t find. Finish the job, don’t leave it undone, your pleasure’s my pain, do you do it for fun?

It was because my brain was defective and needed correction. You didn’t know I was avoiding detection from cops and killers, men with weapons and this insurrection, trying to wipe me out, deny my birthright.

You didn’t know it was my family I was trying to save.

Men floating in space want to destroy the human race and the voice says,”Don’t say, save face, they’ll put you away for the rest of you life. Can you imagine being locked up, three meals a day? They’ll electrify your brain, try to make you think their way.”

I kept my mouth shut for as long as I could until I broke and I caved and I ratted myself out.

You were there with me, heard what I had to say. My final mistake of many. I scared you away.

Night Terrors

MIdnight fears of adolescent death dreams, when you’re alone noone can hear you scream
Pound your head against the wall
Pound your head against the wall
How many days until you fall, never to rise again?
I don’t care
Yes you do, that was all an act
Remember when you used to fly?
Yes, it was all that kept me from dying
That was the only advantage from that vantage point
That lonely age and fear of engagement
Pushing them all away
But there was one?
Yes, once
Still pounding your head against the wall?
Yes, daily, it’s flagrant
Frightening enlightenment?
Forgive and let yourself live

Religious Fervor

Trying to stay hidden away
A strange woman tells me to pray
How do they find me?
I try to be kind but
What do I do
When they want to take
What I can’t give?
She doesn’t want to live
Yet she continues wandering
Asking for help that’s not coming
Telling me she’s going to hell and
I am too.
She disobeyed the word of god
What do I tell her?
I don’t believe in hell?
I killed god a long time ago?
She doesn’t like that
I’m going to hell again
If she was paying attention
She would have seen
The flaw in my logic.


small town folk
herded by television police
into electrified corrals
artificial fright and fantasy
flights of fancy
big brother isn’t watching you
you are watching him
watching him think for you
live for you, die for you
subliminally preaching the tenets
of consumerist philosophy
and intolerance
broadcasting negatively charged transmissions
disrupting the particle-wave relationship
between mind and soul
a positronic symphony
of electro-chemical existences
and symbiotic sufferings

Farewell to Arms

I was looking for you while I went for coffee this morning
Searching every face
Again the wrong place
I imagine you would be happy to know
I am back in the flow
The right place at the right time
After all these years writing senseless rhymes
Getting back home and starting to cry
I realize you were the reason I wanted to die
I just wanted to thank you

It Was All a Dream

These prison walls become a a sanctuary
Built by my own hand
Blocking out the tortured landscape of my mind
Clocks ticking
Thoughts sticking
Images breached
Dark creatures speak of my soulless wandering
Cast a spell
Time will tell
Minds fire
Bodies tire
Sleep comes too easily
Words broken
Passively absent
Caressing distress
Aggressively tested
Death would be best
Second is life
The devil’s midwife
Giving birth to strife
Demanding to be fed
Children led to slaughter
Sacrificial daughters
Lie down in hunger’s stead
Bloody poisoned streams
Fill the mouths that scream
Drowning fields of dreams
Up above the fray
Circling birds of prey
Eyes and ears of clay
Smoke, ashes, dust and bones
A king has fallen from the throne
Rising above a windswept plain
A mother’s muffled cry in vain
Deny the wolf’s hunger
Starving for pain

Take a Deep Breath and Count to Ten

“I take one, one, one cause you left me,
And two, two, two for my family,
And three, three, three for my heartache,
And four, four, four for my headaches,
And five, five, five for my lonely,
And six, six, six for my sorrow,
And seven, seven for no tomorrow,
And eight, eight, I forget was eight was for,
But nine, nine, nine for the lost gods,
Ten, ten, ten, ten for everything, everything, everything..”

“Kiss Off” Violent Femmes


Media giving voice to crackpots
schemers, dreamers and fascists

A conspirational tone keeps me
from answering the phone
I’m trapped, bugged, I’ve been bitten
(insects hasten the decay)
Why am I chastened in this way?

You’re smitten
You’ve written
some bad shit in your day
but nothing comes close
to this unfortunate rhyme

Are you paying attention?
Did I forget to mention?

It’s futile and fruitless
ineffectual and useless
This mindless dissension
(Breaking the ranks)
People, guns and tanks
All scare tactics and hate
Better get your facts fucking straight
before we come with missiles over there
All up in your shit
Make you vanish into thin air

Did you get my missive?
Do you think I’m insane?
Can you hear the ticking
from inside my brain?

It’s all bullshit
but it depends who’s saying it
tomorrow you’ll be praying it
doesn’t come your way

Hoping I am socially moderate
when I see your silly doctorate
I don’t know what to say
‘cause I ain’t fucking literate

You expect me to hold my temper?
I can’t when it’s Semper fi do or die

You’re facebooked, twittered and linkedIn
everyone knows what your thinkin’
So, think or swim, my heart sinks
(When I think of you)